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I Want All Psychotherapists to Live Abundantly off a Fee-For-Service Practice!

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binäre optionen •Discover or re-discover your purpose and calling to serve the population you do.
•Fill your days with ideal clients and look forward to seeing them each week.
•Feel into your value and always ask for your full-fee.
•Confidently describe your work to others, network among peers, create fruitful business relationships, and realize the power of the internet.
•Find within yourselves the business owner who looks out for your financial well-being and plans for your future safety.
•Get your phone to ring!

A Holistic Approach

The wounded healer within us all needs to be tended to and supported. Our business model is unique. Our product (ourselves) that is for sale is complex, alive, full of deeply rooted belief systems and ways of being, which are all affected by our consumers (the people who occupy our couch). We can’t pretend to be something we are not. “Fake it ’till you make it” doesn’t apply to our profession. Our business plan must include self-care, containment rituals, support, and supervision.

I will open your eyes, or simply remind you, how to care for yourself and structure your practice so you can care for your clients. You have to support yourself to support your clients! You can become a marketing genius and get your phone to ring, but if you can’t keep clients coming consistently, for the time length you desire, the focus has to be on you!

Find your Marketing Voice

Confidence is what stops most newly licensed therapists from marketing themselves and getting their work out. They gravitate toward models, and find themselves going from model to model, never ending up feeling grounded in an approach. They don’t think they have enough experience to market themselves. Experienced therapists tend to become generic: specializing in 15 different things and losing their unique voice, or maybe they never found it.

Through our work together you will learn to:

•Look within to discover your authentic therapist voice.

•Find your ideal client.

•Develop your niche.

•Speak confidently knowing your voice is grounded in, and fits with, your belief systems, experiences, and traits as a human and therapist.

•Find mentors and authors who inspire you and enrich your work rather than theorists and models that you feel you need to copy from, and become like.

Say ‘Good Bye’ to Insurance Panels

There is absolutely no reason why therapists need to rely on insurance panels. They are time-wasting, constricting, violating, and a sad reminder of the tradegy of our health-care system. Most only reimburse 50$ to 60$ per session. EAP programs tend to pay $30. In NYC the average reimbursement rate is 65$ while the average full-fee therapist charges $150. That means that you have to have 40 clients to have a full practice rather than 20. This program will show you how to:

•Find your value and FEEL confident asking for it.

•Market to your ideal population.

•Add other services to your work that bring in more money.

•Transition from insurance to cash.