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Blogging for Therapists


are binary options brokers regulated Blogs help therapists in two ways:

1) Your writing, and NOT content someone else wrote for you, reflects exactly who you are as a person and a therapist and when your ideal client lands on your website, and reads your content, they will feel that connection and call you.

2) Getting to the top in organic search has become more difficult, and is no longer about sticking keywords all over your website. Google wants to deliver high quality and relevant sites for your search terms. So… websites that have a lot of rich content around keywords will rank higher, and blog posts help you do this.

For example: Lets say anxiety is a specialty of yours and you have a page on anxiety. That page can be optimized for search around anxiety. Now… lets say you add a blog and make 5 posts about anxiety. Examples could be: “Do you find yourself awake all night with ruminating thoughts?”, “How breathwork and mindfulness can help shorten a panic attack.”, “Did you inherit your anxiety from a parent?”, etc… Each post can be optimized for anxiety, so now, if you made 5 posts than you would have 6 different pages/posts out there working for anxiety search term rankings instead of 1.

Make sense?

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