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Call Ellen for Private Coaching

As with everything else…each individual falls along a spectrum. Our initial consultation will assess where you are, your own unique place, and we move forward from there.

Some clients just want to bounce ideas off of someone with marketing experience, need help creating an eye-catching announcement or website, while others need someone right there each step of the way.

I help therapists find within themselves all the resources needed to be an effective business owner. With authenticity, a grounded confidence, and new-found skills and ideas, you can attract more business to your practice and learn how to sustain it.

A Good Start to Our Work:

3-4 session package
This is a great way to find out where your therapist ‘self’, business ‘self’ and manager ‘self’ are. We will determine what you need to move forward and create a solid structure for your work. Sessions last 50 minutes.
At the end of our time together, you’ll have:
  • An appreciation of what you are doing right in your practice and how to build on your strengths.
  • A practice check-up to ensure your frame, container, and boundaries of your practice are solid.
  • A personal check-in to identify how much psychic space you have and how many clients you are able to receive.
  • A clear picture of the next steps to develop, market, and grow your practice.

The cost is $150/session

Need sliding scale? You can share your coaching sessions with 1-2 like-minded therapists. Sort-of like group supervision. You will learn from one-another and can continue supporting each other outside of session.

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