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Finance 101

On top of a lack of knowledge, many therapists out there have deeply rooted wounds associated with asking for money and feeling into their value, and don’t feel deserving of thriving off a career of helping others. So many of us live in states of deprivation, not knowing how to achieve abundance.

There are many different ways I help therapist with finances. Topics usually addressed are:

  • Setting fees.
  • Issues around money.
  • Creating a sliding scale policy.
  • When and how to ask your clients for a raise.
  • Income/ Expense budgeting.
  • Allowed deductions.
  • Setting up a book keeping structure.
  • Needed weekly sales.
  • Needed statistics.
  • Your target income.
  • Spreadsheets calculating big picture statistics.

Here are the many ways I can help you with creating a sound financial structure: Please call me at 212.500.0857 or email me if you have any questions.

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