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Four Challenges Therapists Face when Marketing their Practice

1. Therapists Have Different Marketing Personalities

2. Therapists Have Online Competition

3. Therapists Have a Difficult Time Talking about their Fee Schedule

Why is it that therapists have such a hard time talking about their fees? We want to help people, and it can be uncomfortable to ask for money (which takes a business mentality) when you are working with desperate individuals. You can be the caring, compassionate therapist you want to be while still running a successful practice. It’s best to address your fees in the beginning so that you can set and negotiate fees with ease.

4. Therapists Know Very Little about Marketing their Business

Don’t you wish you would have taken at least one course in marketing? Therapists don’t know that they will have to do a bit of soft-selling in this career, so we’re often not prepared to do so when the time arises. Fortunately, there are marketing companies such as SEMGeeks that can create a visually appealing website as well updated social media and local profiles. Our pros will work with you to determine the type of exposure you want for your practice while being conscious of your marketing personality.

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  1. Carin-Lee Masters says:

    Thank you. this is so helpful. I practice in Cape Town South Africa, and many of my colleagues are struggling with running a practice due to clients not being able to pay and insurance only covering for a limited amount of
    sessions. I will pass on your info. thank you!