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Grow Your Private Practice With a PPC Campaign

How Does a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Work for Private Practice Therapists?

So, what is pay-per-click advertising in the first place? It is a form of marketing where the advertiser pays the website owner every time their ad is clicked. This form of marketing can be especially beneficial for therapists because the budget is carefully controlled.

Consider this example. A woman is looking for a trusted therapist who can help her and her husband through marital troubles. She feels embarrassed, so she doesn’t want to ask for a recommendation from a friend or family member. As she Googles for more information, an ad to a marriage counseling practice pops up on the right hand side of the search results. Interested, the woman clicks on the ad and is directed to the therapist website where she is able to read more about the therapist’s private practice.

A PPC campaign is Effective for Growing Your Client Base in Private Practice

For businesses, PPC is a great way to attract new customers. For mental health professionals, it’s a great way to grow a client base. These marketing efforts can be especially beneficial if you have a relatively new practice or plan on opening up your own practice in the future. Additionally, because PPC is easy to measure in terms of cost and results, you can use these advertising strategies on a low budget and still produce excellent results.

To get started with an effective PPC campaign, contact the marketing leaders at SEMGeeks. We have the knowledge and expertise in medical SEO and highly optimized PPC strategies for mental health professionals. We will manage your PPC campaign, update bids and test your ads for optimization. As you begin to build your client base, you can also enjoy a stronger online presence, something that is essential for all of today’s mental health professionals.

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