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The Journey of Becoming…

Becoming a Business Owner is a Journey…

Most therapists find it extremely difficult to create the motivation and space for work beyond the therapy room. It isn’t in our nature. We became therapists for the connection, intimacy, sacred space to witness the healing of another – not to spend hours writing our bio, building our website, selling ourselves, and marketing ourselves as a product on the internet.

It doesn’t match! And most of us haven’t been exposed to ‘The Business of Therapy’ in our graduate or doctoral programs. Inherent within our field, through its history, has actually been negative stigma against advertising and marketing your self. Therapy isn’t supposed to be a business. How then, I ask, are we supposed to get clients into our office to help them if we can’t help our selves to develop business?

We offer a professional service just as Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, and many other Licensed Professionals do. Within our scope of practice, the rules have already been defined. We know what we can and can’t do. So….what holds us back from developing our business?

A few things…

1. opzioni binarie The same patterns and issues that always get in our way: our lack of confidence, anxiety, fear of judgment, feeling unworthy, unsupported, fear of criticism, fear of not being perfect…sound familiar? Just when you thought you overcame your fear of judgment, you find yourself avoiding a marketing call to a Psychiatry Practice out of fear of rejection.

This relates to everything from writing a bio and description of our work, cold calling, networking, developing professional relationships, getting yourself out there in ways like speaking or writing, spending money to make money, asking for your full fee, networking, building a professional community – the list can go on and I have a feeling those of you reading this are getting more anxious as I name pieces…

2. articles about binary options We simply haven’t been taught how to take our passion of therapy and support it with a solid business structure that supports our frame and desired way of operating a business.

We weren’t taught how to create a solid budget, do income/ cost projections that will help us determine where to set our fee and how many completed sessions we need per week, savings for retirement, investments, paying quarterly taxes and federal, city, and state requirements, creating a business structure that supports our frame, hiring a lawyer and accountant for issues beyond our scope, analytics to notice business trends, website development, graphic design for flyers, business cards, brochures, internet marketing and optimization – again – the list just goes on…

So what happens? We do nothing. And more of nothing. One day maybe a bio gets written, or a base home page gets put on the internet, but nothing worthy of attracting potential business. Then we do more nothing. And, before we realize it, two more years have passed and we are in the same place!

binary options We Need a Place to Start

For now I simply give you the permission to think of yourself as a ‘business owner in training’. Regardless of where you are in your career, if you want to have a private practice, the moment is now. Know that it will take a solid year to journey through all of the pieces and come out in a transformed place, where running a business is a daily part of your job, and therapy sessions are billable hours.

An easy exercise…

1. Make a list of everything that I listed above that causes your hair to stand up (these are the scary things).

2. Then make a list of items above that excite you.

3. Then make a list of things that have to happen immediately (you may not know this yet).

Start with the immediate and put the things that excite you next on your to-do list. Build excitement and generate a ‘want’ to do the things that excite you. Sometimes you will have to use this list when you simply don’t want to tackle other work, but as long as you consistently tend to your business you will remain on track.

For the immediate items – two hours a week. Dedicate the time and space as if it was a client – same time, same day each week so you won’t schedule anything else there. If you need help, start your research, make calls, hire a professional. If you give yourself that time, within a month, Zone Breakout binären Optionen System herunterladen you will have completed your first steps as a small business owner.

For the rest, your journey includes building on what inspires you and keeps you strong, as well as getting support for what is scary. A business coach, supervisor, colleague, or the book I am in the process of writing, are all valuable tools to guide you on your journey. You can’t do this alone! We show our clients the value of getting needs met and creating a support system. Start creating your business support system.

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