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Recession Proof Your Practice!

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2. Create a workshop that focuses around needs of the moment: Perhaps a workshop around coping with financial stress, recovering from a layoff, etc.

3. Plan and prepare your schedule so you can open up more space for lower fee clients. If a recession hits, instead of seeing a full fee client at $150/session you may need 2 people at 75$. It will help reduce your anxiety when the time comes to have a plan, instead of scrambling after the fact.

If  you decide to reduce your fees, it is always important to set boundaries with clients around the price and length of time the fee will be reduced. You can re-contract every4 weeks depending on the length of time till your client needs to find a new job, or threat of lay-off ends.

As part of a ‘best practice’ focus, you don’t need a recession to diversify your services. Think of multiple revenue streams as a normal part of doing business.

At Midtown MFT, we offer several one-day workshops on different niches we target. Its a great boost to business as some clients come for the workshop then really connect with the therapist facilitating the workshop, and become a consistent client, or the other way around where clients who are in individual or couple therapy compliment their work with a workshop or group.

Does anyone have experience with adding different services? I would love to hear what worked and what didn’t.

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