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Taking Lessons from Nature

I live in NJ, and the past few days we have had a dose of spring showers. Last week, the grass was still that lifeless shade of green left over from winter’s hibernation. Well…no longer! This morning, the sun is shining and the left over rain drops are clinging to every blade of new grass. I was struck by the amazing growth this past week has brought. There is a new vibrance, a new color green, the beautiful color of spring that has emerged everywhere. I just sat for a while on my deck, taking it in, absorbing every little bit.

What wakes up in me is the remembrance of the energy and excitement created by rebirth, by breathing new life into something sustaining. The natural world that surrounds us has spent the past few months binäre Optionen sozialen Trading-Netzwerk hibernating, cultivating its own roots, grounding into something that will emerge stronger, more full of life, and more capable. My immediate thoughts… binary options how can I create a similar energy into my business.

So.. I went to a website of mine that I’m working on and rewrote some content focusing around the essence of my work, where its rooted. Breathing some new life into it, making it match more of where I am now, then when I initially wrote it. Making sure it stays congruent to my own growth.
Taking the energy around me and channeling it into one of the most sacred things in my life, my business, the very thing that sustains my life and allows me to thrive.

I hope you can breathe new energy and hope into yours as well. Enjoy this day!


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