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The New Normal in Website Design

Therapist Websites

I’ve been struck lately with the now standard binäre optionen use of large, evocative, beautiful images on websites and advertisements everywhere. This is a standard in my work – creating websites for therapists that speak through images. We are drawn to images and when we see one that speaks to us, we want to know more about it.

What inspired me to write this post is a website I went on to today: binary options – check it out. You will notice the screen size image of the back of running shoes. It obviously tells you what this website is about. Then there is a brief middle section with 4 ‘call-out’ areas to give you the specific purposes of this website. The next area down is another visual image, the earth, which tells you their reach is international, and finally, the footer, which holds all the practical/ logistical information/links.

The Map My Walk Website is simple, clean, easy on the eye, and not busy. There are a few main tabs on the top navigation bar that show the exact different purposes of the website, then all the information you want is available through the drop downs. This is my style exactly, which is why I am obviously drawn to this website!

Most website updates I see coming from corporate America follows this perspective. They want to make you feel something. Has corporate American finally caught up to the idea that we are actual feeling humans? (That is a separate discussion!)

Another example of this is my bank – Chase. I use it very often because I deposit payments from my counseling practice through their ATM, so I have spent many minutes watching their in-process screens, while the computer is processing my deposits. There are a few rotating images, slightly vintage looking, and intriguing, and they have people who are now enjoying their life as a result of using Chase bank to manage/ hold their finances. It works! It creates the feel they want.

Another example – I was at the Burger King drive through the other day (A place I try to avoid) and it was taking forever. The woman told me they had a new system. It is a large size screen that shows beautiful nature images, rotating/fading from one to the other, while you wait. Again… this is a calculated choice – they want to bring good feelings to their customers!

Using Evocative Imagery in Therapist Websites

So how does this all translate to your website? You have the opportunity to create a feeling when potential clients land on your website and this needs to match your style/ approach to the work. Some clients I work with want bright, happy people that may connect with how people want to feel, some want dark images that evoke suffering to connect with how potential clients are feeling when they enter therapy. Others want tranquil and serene nature images to evoke a sense of peace and calm. All of these options are correct – your website reflects your unique voice as a therapist.

My guidance, now as a result of writing this post, is to consider this initially and pick a website designer who knows that all of this iq Option Broker MUST come from you, and not their stock way of seeing every client. Or… you can just pick me to build your website!

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