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I Build Websites for Therapists that are Beautiful and Affordable! Your therapist website will help you build a successful private practice. It’s essential for marketing your practice. You need an online presence. And, this is exactly what will help fill your practice with your ideal clients.

Your therapist website represents your authentic truth, and it’s important that it embodies your unique style, and reflects the essence of your work. I get this and I want to create this for you. I deeply enjoy the artistic process involved here – it feeds my creative part.

Websites for Therapists:Samples of Therapist Websites.

Recent Projects:

Lauren Behrman

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Dan Marcone Counseling

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Holly Williamsen, LCSW

Website design for psychiatrist, clinical psychologist practice

Kory Orlanski MFT

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Susan Pollack Therapy

website design for small business

Flatiron Mental Health Counseling

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City Psychology Group

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Brad Rappaport, Psy.D.

Psychotherapy Website Design

Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy, PC

Website Design for Therpaists


Joan Warren Therapy

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 Steps to Resilience

Therapist Websites

Nancy Payne Therapy

Websites for Psychologists and Counselors

Christina Becker

Wordpress Psychotherapy Therapy Websites

Erika Groban, Clinical Psychologist

Website design for Psychologists

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My unique approach to psychotherapy websites design is rooted in who I am as a person and therapist. I have a knowing of how to take the essence of your presence and create it into an online package that you can ethically stand behind and WANT to promote and get out to the world. I created my first website in 2001 when I entered into private practice. I was able to build a thriving counseling center from my online efforts. Over a decade later, I bring to you what I have learned with hope that you can thrive in private practice as well.