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Why Google Places is Important

  • Add important information, such as your practice’s hours, the form of payment you accept and whether you take new patients. The more information, the more Google worthy your page will be.
  • Add a description. Write a short, 200 word description of your practice. Introduce yourself, the type of therapy you offer and your license and certifications.
  • Add photos or YouTube videos. Google Places allows ten photos and five videos. Ideas include adding a photo of your office building or yourself. You can also post a video about the benefits to therapy or what a first visit is like.
  • Allow for Reviews. Google Places has implemented a new tool that allows pages to pull reviews from sources like Yelp or Angie’s List. If you choose, you can add this optional feature. The important point to remember here is that if you open the door to reviews, you are opening to door to positive as well as negative, and once a review is posted on the internet it can be there forever.

The benefit to Google Places is that it allows your business to have a page in the big book of businesses. In order to be competitive and attainable, you must make the most of your Places page starting today. If you don’t have a Places page or you need assistance with getting it to rank better, contact SEMGeeks today at

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